Bringing the live video revolution to Czechia and Slovakia

At Svět solutions we believe in innovation and believe that making high-quality live content available is the key to the media and communication industry of the future.

This is why we distribute Live U technologies on the Czech and Slovak markets, with a complete range of products for every need.

Complete broadcasting solutions

HD quality live streaming from anywhere! Easy, Reliable, Affordable!

The LiveU Solo video encoder offers one-touch, wireless live streaming, directly from your camera to Facebook Live and other social medias and RTMP destinations, delivering professional quality video streams.


Leading the live streaming revolution!

LiveU portfolio of products sets the industry standard for live video production. LiveU enables broadcasters of all sizes to acquire and share live video reliably on any viewing platform.

With over 3,000 customers in 100+ countries, LiveU’s technology is the solution of choice for global broadcasters, online media, news agencies and social media to cover breaking and developing news and high-profile events, such as the US Presidential Election, the FIFA World Cup™, Winter and Summer Olympic Games, Super Bowl, US Collegiate Championships and red-carpet events.

Live U LU300 HAVC H265

The LU300 is a small-sized, cost-effective and reliable HEVC encoder, enabling broadcasters and other content creators to transmit high-quality video on-the-go. With LiveU’s professional-grade hardware HEVC technology at its core, the LU300 combines high-quality video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency. Content creators can provide the same video quality as H.264 while using about half the bandwidth. In cases where original H.264 bitrate is maintained, the LU300 HEVC offers greatly improved video quality.

Live U LU600 H264/HAVC H265

The LU600 is LiveU’s sixth-generation portable unit for global newsgathering, live sports and events coverage. Setting the standard again for IP bonding, the LU600 delivers the highest video quality and bitrate in the market, fastest file transfer and lowest delay. This is offered over a new streamlined user interface, with an ultra-responsive 5.0” capacitive touchscreen. Combined with the 4K HEVC Pro Card, the LU600 allows professional broadcasters and content creators to benefit from unparalleled video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency – using one of the smallest portable cellular bonding units in the market. Broadcasters can provide the same video quality as H.264 while using about half the bandwidth. In cases where original H.264 bitrate is maintained, the HEVC Pro Card offers greatly improved video quality.

Live U LU200 H264, simple and convenient!

The new LU200 ultra-small unit is the first of its kind, standing in a category of its own within the broadcast market. The LU200 fills out LiveU's solutions for broadcasters, while offering an attractive price, form-factor and performance.

Live U LU500, H264

The LU500 combines high performance and portability with an end-to-end boot-up time of less than one minute. The unit supports Anton Bauer, V-Lock, PAG, and LiveU’s internal swappable batteries and offers advanced remote control functions via the LiveU Central management platform.